Monday, October 19, 2009

A New Week

This weekend was great fun! The Hubby and L went to a Queensryche concert on Friday night and had a blast. They had backstage passes and met each band member and some members of the band’s family. Several people recognized The Hubby from his Queensryche board name – Mindclot. The Hubby is known in certain circles for his artwork with the Queensryche tryryche.

Sweetie Pie and I went to the Thorsby Swedish Fest Saturday morning. We had a great time visiting with my brother and family. Sweetie Pie got a whole bag of candy from the parade - and I’m not kidding - it is a Wal-Mart bag-full. And bonus points for recycling!

Swedish food – Chilton County Style:

Steak, baked potatoes, corn and roll - apparently Swedish!

Entertainment by the Thorsby High School Band:

And there was even one man from Sweden. He even had a sign:

Today has started off well. I was planning on starting the 4:30 Wii step this morning but didn’t wake up until 5:20 so hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow. Even though I missed the workout, I have been eating responsibly! Dinner tonight is going to be chili which I plan to throw into a pot then get my walking shoes on and get a work-out in while the chili is simmering.

Day 1 (again)

7:45 – 2 packs of instant grits

9:00 – 1 serving baked BBQ chips

12:00 – 2 sliced pork tenderloin
1 baked potato
1 slaw from Zaxby’s

Went to LaFeista instead - tacos, refried beans and rice - YUMMMMMMM!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had a very interesting conversation with Sweetie Pie last night. He had gone outside to play with his friend and there was another boy tagging along that we think has just moved into the apartments. Sweetie Pie came in, was snuggling with me and told me the boy kept hitting him in the nuts. WHAT? I was so surprised by this sentence and its correct usage of nuts that I didn’t even know what to say. Sweetie Pie continued to tell me how he had told this boy to S-T-O-P – STOP but he wouldn’t. He then confessed that he had ended up pushing the boy down but waited until they were in the grass so it wouldn’t hurt but that he had to do something because he was tired of being hit in the nuts.

Now there are all kind of crazy things going on in my mind – where did he learn that nuts is another word for what we usually call our private place? Should he get in trouble for pushing the boy down? Should I be glad that he stood up for himself when he usually lets people run all over him? I ended up talking to him about how he should always try to settle any differences with talking but that I was glad he stood up for himself but did it so that the boy got the point but wasn’t hurt. I hope I handled it okay, I don’t want to raise a bully but I also want him to stand up for his self and not let others push him around. Sometimes boys are hard!

I haven’t been around much lately but I also haven’t been working out, eating right or losing weight. We are finally back in the bedroom so I plan to start getting up every morning and doing the Wii step. That way I’ll have some exercise done every morning and I won’t have to worry about the rain - the rain that will not go away! I believe my toes are becoming webbed! According to the weather man, Birmingham has had over 15 inches above normal rainfall. I’m beginning to think I’m going to have to brush up on my swimming skills or at least buy a fashionable life jacket to wear.

So now what do I plan to do to get myself back on track? First, I’m brushing off my old catch phrase – ITS NOT AN OPTION! I want a steak biscuit for breakfast – ITS NOT AN OPTION! I really want a juicy burger and fries for lunch – ITS NOT AN OPTION! I don’t want to walk this afternoon; I think I’ll sit on the couch – ITS NOT AN OPTION! See it works pretty well, I have just got to start telling myself this again.

Well, onward and downward as they say. I have several cute Christmas sweaters that I would love to be able to wear this year. Maybe I need to get one out and hang it on the bedroom door so I can see it and remember one of the reasons I want to get fitter.

Well, hopefully you will see me more often! Oh, and there still isn't a den leader but does anyone want to buy popcorn?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things I’ve Learned

I’ve learned I talk a good game but I’m bad at follow through. I’ve learned you should keep your serial number/photo list up to date in case someone or more decides to kick in your front door. I’ve learned (or re-learned) I am a stress eater. I’ve learned I have to try to accept myself as I am but to continually improve.

After the hiatus of diet and exercise and the fits and starts I’ve had lately, I realize I’m not going to be able to complete the Mercedes half marathon so I’ve reworked my goals. Instead of the half marathon this February, I plan to RUN the Mercedes 5K Fun Run. Yes, I said run. I feel that will be an achievable goal. Next year I will do the half marathon and then we will see about completing the marathon. Right now, I think I would be happy if I get to the 10K race level with a half marathon thrown in once a year.

As far as the diet front, I’ve been tossing around low/no carb for a couple of weeks but I think I’m just going to go the healthy food/restricted calorie/exercise route. If I’m going to run a 5K, I will need the carbs for energy. I’ve just got to remember healthy carbs – not candy and cake-type carbs.

I have been eating like a panda plowing through acres of bamboo! Can you tell I read about where some conservationist thinks it is time to let the pandas go the way of doo doo birds? Things have been really stressful lately. An opportunity has been offered The Hubby that I feel would be beneficial to him and our family. He does not see it this way. He only sees that he would have to work some extra hours and maybe some weekends. I’m trying to convince him to at least go through the interview process but he only sees now – not the future. I am so stressed because it looks as if we are ever to get another house, send Sweetie Pie to college or have any type of retirement it is going to be up to me.

Then, last Thursday, someone or two someones kicked in our front door and robbed us. They got a lot of things but they didn’t get the towers that have our pictures or The Hubby’s graphics. They took Sweetie Pie’s DS, three of the Hubby’s guitars, a couple of laptops, the tv in the bedroom and a bunch of Xbox games – not Xbox 360 but 10 year old Xbox games. They got our digital cameras, the trash can and some other electronic-type things. I think I’m most mad about the DS. Why take a child’s toy? How much are you really going to get for an old DS? The worst part of all this is that I had let our apartment insurance lapse. It is totally my fault and I had been meaning to call the insurance company for the past few weeks. I feel so guilty about this. It just makes me want to vomit every time I walk in the door.

I almost didn’t write that last part because I have friends that read this blog but I just feel the need to get everything out – to be honest with myself. I see this blog as basically a journal for myself so. . .

The second thing that makes me mad is now I don’t feel safe in our home. An upstairs apartment is opening up near our current apartment and we are trying to decide if we want to move or not. I really don’t want to pack everything up and move 100 yards to a different apartment but will they come back? They left things you would have thought they would have stolen. Will they come back when they think we have replaced the stuff they stole? But then part of me feels they won’t be back because we will be more aware and the apartment’s courtesy officer (a police officer who lives in our complex) has been driving by more frequently. I’m sick to my stomach just typing this. We have all been sleeping in the living room. Sweetie Pie and I sleep on the air mattress and The Hubby sleeps on the couch. The Hubby has the baseball bat by his head and I have the phone by mine.

And then, what seems to be stressing me even more than the above two things, is that Sweetie Pie’s cub scout den still does not have a den leader nor does it look like anyone is going to step up to do it. What do they do when they have formed a dud den? Why was Sweetie Pie lucky enough to be a part of the dud den? The second packmania is Monday night so it has been whole month that his den has not met. The other dens are already ahead. Do they really expect me to pay dues and buy a uniform when there hasn’t even been a den meeting? Why did they form a den without a leader in the first place? I wanted Sweetie Pie to have an enthusiastic and excited leader, now if he even gets a leader; it is going to be someone who doesn’t want to do it. Who will probably only half-way do it and, I feel, he will miss out on some of the best that the cub scouts have to offer.

Well, now that I have gotten all that out – I still feel sick to my stomach. Then I feel bad because there are so many worse things that could be and are happening to others. We still have plenty of stuff, Sweetie Pie will survive a rough start to cub scouts and The Hubby has a job. Why is it so hard to count your blessings? Why is it so easy to see the crap? I’ve been doing a very bad job praying and taking my troubles to God. I feel silly taking these problems to God when there is so much going on in the world.

Well, thanks for reading this book! I wish I could say it has been therapeutic but it really hasn’t. I hope to be updating more often and I’ll, hopefully, be more entertaining.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Football and Dips

Well, I’ve been talking a good game but my actions are telling a completely different story. So instead of whining about dieting and exercise, I’m going to participate in a dip spectacular from BooMama’s site.

In my opinion, chips are totally optional!

Cheddar Ranch Dip
Enjoy it with tortilla chips, celery sticks or rice cakes, or use it as a sandwich spread.

1 (16 ounce) container sour cream
1 (1 ounce) package dry Ranch-style dressing mix
1 (3 ounce) can bacon bits
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

In a medium bowl, thoroughly blend the sour cream and ranch-style dressing mix. Mix in the bacon bits and Cheddar cheese. Chill in the refrigerator 20 minutes or longer before serving.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Here Mojo – Here Boy – Has Anyone Seen My Mojo?

Well, it seems I’ve taken another blogging break – and diet and exercise break for that matter! There are a lot of things I could blame it on – school starting, soccer staring, cub scouts starting. Only being home one night last week, etc. etc. etc. But those are only excuses not reasons. None of those things should have stopped me from eating right or not exercising at least in the mornings.

So what do I do to get back on track? How do I get that “gung ho” feeling back? Well, the only thing I know to do is, as they say, just do it. I’ve got to get up and exercise – no excuses. I’ve got to eat better and turn down more sweets – no excuses. I’m hoping if I just act like I’m dieting and exercising, I’ll then feel it.

And I have to start now! Put my foot down on my spoiled self and get back in the groove. There are lots of fun things coming up and I would really like to be in shape for them. Sweetie Pie is now a cub scout. It looks like tons of fun but there are a lot of activities and camp outs – eek – and parents have to be involved. I want to participate, not just cheer from the side lines!

Anyways, that is what is going on in my head. I think I see mojo coming in from the field!

Just some other stuff; Sweetie Pie has been telling everyone to call him Pie. I’m not sure how I feel about this development. We have called him Sweetie Pie since he was born and only my uncle has ever called him Pie. He was telling everyone at the cub scout orientation yesterday to call him Pie. Hmmm, I guess I can see him as a Pie. If he keeps it up, I guess this old dog will have to learn new tricks.

I can’t believe how fast Pie has been growing this summer. I was going through some pictures to pick some to send to MIL and the shorts he was wearing at the beach no longer fit him. I use to think he would be 11 or 12 before he got taller than me but I think I need to lower the estimate to 9 or 10.

Anyone excited about football? I find myself excited this year and Pie has agreed to watch some games with me. It has been a long time since I’ve been interested in football. I’m married to one of the few men not interested so I haven’t paid much attention for the past few years. As I get older, I find I miss the excitement of the game, the joys of winning and the agony of losing. But I find myself wondering if I miss the game or just the food? LOL!

Anyway now I’m going to put on the boring stuff:

Breakfast: Jimmy Dean Light Breakfast Bowl

Snack: ½ bag of Combos

Lunch: lettuce, tomato, carrots, turkey, pecans and light balsamic vinaigrette

Snack: finish off Combos

Tomorrow I’m going to start adding up the calories, fat and carbs and get back to the losing!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Is That All?

Well, it has been awhile but things have been a little crazy. During the last week of Sweetie Pie’s summer camp, there was construction going on and they cut the power to the gym so everyone had to move to the lunch room. On Thursday before summer camp ended on Friday, I got a call and they had even cut the water and wanted parents to pick up their kids since they couldn’t even use the rest room. We muddled through and summer camp ended but there were still three days before school started.

So I took some days off work and we decided to have a blow out! Monday I took Sweetie Pie and his friend to Chuck E. Cheese. Believe it or not, this was SP’s first time there. SP and his friend had a great time. It wasn’t bad – I just sat at the table and read my book club book. If you are looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend The Art of Racing in the Rain. It was a great book!

The only part of Chuck E. Cheese that nearly pushed me over the edge was waiting in line to redeem the tickets. The ladies that were working behind the counter had other responsibilities and handing out junk seemed to be on the bottom of their list. Also using 210 points, 10 points at a time got a little trying.

Tuesday was Meet the Teacher and that evening was the parent/teacher meeting. I love Sweetie Pie’s teacher. She seems to be a good mix of fun and discipline. Tuesday night, Sweetie Pie slept over for the very first time. He has never spent the night away from home. I took him over after the parent/teacher meeting and then picked him up the next day pretty early. Both SP and I did well. It was a relief to finally have that milestone passed. LOL!

Wednesday, I picked up Sweetie Pie and his friend and we went to free jump at Jump Zone. Then we had lunch at McDonald’s. We had planned to go to Laser Tag and use up some tokens we have left from a birthday party there but they didn’t open until later. So the apartment became a video arcade and the boys played various video games the rest of the afternoon. Around 3:00, tiredness set in and I took SP’s friend home. The rest of the evening, we got prepared for the first day of school!

Things are now back to normal and I’m hoping this also applies to my diet and exercise plan. I have definitely been letting things slip and I’ve gained 5 – 7 pounds. I’m starting South Beach again tomorrow and I’m getting back on the work out express! There is a 5K on September 5th I’d like to walk but I would also like to run a mile or so of it.

So I’m back to business. I’m going to start posting what I eat each day also. That was really helping me keep track of what I ate and kept me much more aware of the food I was putting in my mouth. So upward in mileage and downward in weight and now is a new minute!

Miscellaneous stuff: I am losing all my hair! It is coming out in hand-full’s. I can’t imagine what is going on. My diet hasn’t radically changed and I haven’t changed hair products. Any ideas?

Sweetie Pie told me this weekend he was born to crash cars! I don’t think my wallet can handle the insurance. Looks like he won’t be driving until he can pay for his own!

My friend had an awesome 40th birthday party this weekend. I’m not a huge fan of margaritas – I love the idea of them but I’m not that fond of the taste. But the margaritas at her party were awesome! I drank two!

I have an unhealthy fascination for Total Drama Action and Stoked on Cartoon Network.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My First Race Report

It seems in blogland that you must record the results of your first race. Mine are less than spectacular but I finished and now my first organized race is under my belt. And I can only get better!

I got to the race venue about 35 minutes early and there were lots of dark scary clouds but no rain. I checked in, pinned on my number and sat down and absorbed the atmosphere and people watched. Suddenly a huge wind blew and sheets of rain started falling. The wind was blowing all the registration information around and the signs the sponsors had taped up were flapping. People were racing to put up all a/v equipment. This kept up for about 20 minutes.

When the wind and rain let up, the organizers decided to start the race a little early because another big, dark cloud was fast approaching. As the racers were walking to the start, it was not raining and the wind had died down to a comfortable breeze. And at 5:55, the gun sounded and we were off.

The run was a four mile night run and the first couple of miles were fine. The first mile and the last mile were the same route so about half way through my second mile, people were going the other direction to finish their last mile. The third mile was rough and had a HUGH hill in the middle of it. I took my hat off to all of those who ran up that hill and kept going.

As the third mile drew to a close and the fourth mile was starting, a lady with the organizers was telling people they could stop at the third mile because of the big black cloud that was getting closer and closer. I was determined to finish. And there was still no rain.

During the first mile, in the front were a lot a runners, then there was an older man, me and then several people walking including a pregnant lady who were doing the one mile fun run. At the point of the fourth mile, there was the older man and then me. But I was hanging in there!

As the fourth mile started and flashes of lightening were getting closer and closer, I kicked it into high gear because I WAS GOING TO FINISH! It was my first race and I was not going to quit! About a quarter of the way through that last mile, I finally passed someone. Now before you break out the fireworks and congratulations, the person I finally passed was the man I had been trailing behind the whole race who had a hip replacement, had finished a 5K that morning and, I think, was missing some toes.

I finished. I finished with a PR of 1:09:11 for a four mile race! LOL! When I got back to the pavilion, there was still food but the awards had been handed out and the podium, etc., had already been packed up.

Things I learned from the race:

1. I don’t like to wear a hat when I walk.
2. I’m a penguin – slow but steady.
3. If you’ve had hip replacement and no toes, I may pass you!

Oh and for anyone interested, I picked up my BBQ and water, walked to my car and the threatening big, black cloud let loose with all its rain and thunder.